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Let’s face it: our lives are miserable, laborious, and short.
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Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg, Russia

The Mariinsky Theatre is a historic theatre of Opera and Ballet in St Petersburg. Opened in 1860, the Mariinsky Theatre (renamed the Kirov Theatre during the Soviet period) is one off the most famous theatres in the world, with many famous composers, ballets/ dancers and operas/singers premiering here. Including the works of Tchaikovsky, the ballets Swan Lake and the Nutcracker and many of the world’s most important dancers, for example Anna Pavlova, Vaslav Nijinsky, Galina Ulanova, Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova and many more. The theatre is currently home to the Mariinsky Ballet, the Mariinsky Opera, and the Mariinsky Orchestra. A second stage was recently completed to add to the original theatre and the 2007 Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall.

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